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Did you know that one of the most effective career moves you can make is to get involved in your professional organization? Right now, WIN offers some great opportunities for you to be involved, get to know your fellow members, and gain visibility in the in-house community - you will also discover some really nice people, make new friends, and have some fun! 
Promotes effective communication among members, including utilization of LinkedIn and other social media. This is a great committee for those creative types and anyone who likes technology and social media. 
Current committee chairs are Jennifer Bishop and Kimberly King.
Welcomes new members, works with our existing members to determine what benefits members want, and encourages in-house counsel who are not members to join. If you like working with people and meeting new people, this is a great committee to join.
Current committee chairs are Merrie Cavanaugh, Stephanie Garcia and Diane Stafford.
Weeks fun environments for our social events and helps to notify our membership of charitable opportunities. Committee members visit possible party sites, help with event details, and get notice of events to our members and the local legal community. This is a great committee for anyone who likes to plan parties and events and contribute to other charitable causes. Lots of interaction with members and the site of the events. 
Current committee chairs are Sheri Tillman and Telisa Web Schelin.

Identifies topics and speakers that would be of interest to membership, plans the quarterly programs, arranges the details of the program, gets notice of the programs to the members, and registers attendees at the program. This is a great committee for people who love arranging the details, who enjoy intellectual challenges, and like working with professionals. 
Current committee chairs are Jane McBride, Elizabeth Giddens, KD Shull and Erin Barta.  
The more members who get involved, the more WIN can do -- come join us!

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To request to join a committee, click the Contact Us button below the Committee description to send an email to the Committee chairs.